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Want to share our latest information that went out to our CPA’s, Attorneys, and our extensive client base. In our complex real estate world it seems to take all of our joint efforts for a successful close. As you know we are experts with the most complex transactions and also welcome your “smallest vanilla type borrower” to the most sophisticated profile.
We know you are focused intensely on your clients’ tax filings and want to reach out and review some compelling trends and opportunities in our current real estate finance market that may be relevant to your clients’ real estate portfolio.

  • We are experts with Commercial/SBA/Apartment/Industrial/Construction transactions of all sizes and types. We offer complete acquisition and development packages.
  • Consider changing a 30 year fixed into a 15 or 20 year program up to $636,150.
  • Many equity lines are reaching their 10 year term and will roll into an annual ARM payment based on 15 year amortization. (This comes as a surprise to many clients due to the increased payment even though the terms were clearly stated in the documents).
  • Refinance’s combing existing 1st and existing equity lines into a new 1st trust deed. We are then providing an equity line at close for no charge (Which many clients seem to like just sitting if ever needed).
  • Review the time horizon for holding a property:
  • Why not consider a 5, 7 or 10 year fixed when less than a long term hold: various life circumstances such as family expansion, potential relocation, retirement, extensive remodeling are in the short term time horizon. Obviously the rate differential is a good saving mechanism.
  • Student Loans: The rates for financial aid for college loans seem to have a very broad range. Taking cash out of one’s property warrants consideration. $200K-$300K in student loans is no longer unusual.
  • Real Estate values are up in every sector and remodeling costs are significantly increasing due to demand.  Usually the most economic vehicle is to pull cash out from the property prior to work commencing.
  • Investments for long term financial planning are increasingly popular.  Initial cash flow is rarely possible but the overall objective is that these properties eventually turn into an excellent asset.  Caution, some clients are reaching out too much and are going into rural areas around the country without knowing what they are doing.  They’re motivated by cash flow but we all have “war stories”.
  • Non Occupant Co-Borrower concept offers great flexibility in helping one buying their first home or buying up etc. This is an excellent opportunity for many at all price points.

These are a few current thoughts we wanted to share.  Know how busy you are, but we are always available to run any “What-If” scenarios etc.  We are experts with the most complex of tax returns and have a very broad range of real estate and financial expertise at all price points and classes of real estate. Once again we welcome your contact.
Gloria Shulman, Curtis Cohen & all of us at CenTek


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