Long Story Short: This is what our mortgage brokerage can do for Real Estate Agents!

  • The market continues to intensify as inventory declines across California
  • As a company, we’ve adapted our business approaches to help buyers succeed in this aggressive market
  • How? Our team will position your clients into a mode where they can compete against the multiple offers and all-cash buyers that dominate the market

By: Shoshana R. Cohen | Business Development Manager, CenTek Capital Group
Published: 01/03/2018

As you already know, the market is continuing to intensify as the housing deficit increases. Steady job growth, an expanding economy, and a limited inventory of available homes are driving up median home prices across CA. This combination is expected to fuel increases in home prices for a foreseeable future. In response to these rising prices, lenders are easing their guidelines and qualification policies. Because of the strength of the economy and the regional real estate markets, we are noticing that lenders are becoming more creative with their qualification protocols.

The competition is fierce

We are always looking to partner with real estate agents. No matter if you are a veteran or new to the industry, we will follow your lead. Gloria and Curtis have led CenTek’s local team of in-house processors and underwriters for over 30 years, successfully closing more than 100,000 loans at all price points and complexities in almost every neighborhood of California. We can finance a full range of products in today’s market, including residential, commercial, apartment, investments and SBA lending. Our company specializes in an array of customized loan products and has tremendous flexibility regarding loan-to-value, cash-out concepts, mixed-use properties, etc.

CenTek can fund your client’s financing package, whether they are just entering the market as first-time homebuyers, transitioning up or down from one home to another, beginning to live off a fixed retirement income, or looking to diversify their financial portfolio with an investment property. With over 30+ years technical expertise in the residential and commercial financing industry, no loan is too complex.

Real estate agents have stated repeatedly, “If CenTek can’t do the loan, it’s simply not doable”

Are you tired of losing to a higher offer or all-cash buyers?

As we move into 2018, pre-approval and approval letters have shifted into a new dimension. Their weight is gaining more traction and our highly-regarded letters oftentimes compete against multiple bids and/or all-cash buyers.

CenTek’s newest strategy is to preemptively work with clients, even before they find their dream house. If necessary, our team will work with your client to maximize your tax returns, credit scores, and other financials to their fullest potential. Once we are familiar with their information, our in-house underwriters can write detailed pre-approval and approval letters customized towards both their financial profile and their desired property’s specifications. Many real estate agents across the state recognize our highly regarded letters and know we can close per-escrow terms.

Do you want another place to advertise your listings?

Every week, CenTek Capital Group distributes a “Market Update” to over 20,000 established clients, agents, CPA’s, attorneys, architects, and business managers. In addition to our Market Update Newsletter, we also produce a weekly “Outstanding Current Listings” Report. As one of our core group of real estate agents, we want to extend the opportunity to feature one of your listings in our upcoming Market Update for free.

Please send Gloria an email to gloria@centek.com if you would like to

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Why You Should Work with Us

What ultimately sets us apart from other companies is that we have the technical skills and the depth and breadth of life experience. As California natives, we are aware of all the different nuanced neighborhoods across the state- Whether it be Pasadena, south of Ventura Blvd, acreage in the 805, the view from Russian Hill in SF, or water rights in Cambria.

Our expertise in complex tax returns allows us to change horses mid-stream, if requested by the client. Feel free to connect with us for an initial overview. As always, we can tweak and fine-tune the plan as your client’s process evolves.

Of course, we know the clock is ticking… Prompt response time throughout the home-buying process is crucial! We take pride in always picking up the phone M-F 7 AM- 7 PM and responding after hours on email. Let’s collaborate today!