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We blinked and poof… Another summer is coming to an end. Luckily, living in Southern California means that we get to enjoy summer much longer compared to the rest of the Country. We’ve had a busy summer here at CenTek developing two new programs CenTek Keys to Closing Deals and CenTek Millennial Solutions. As you know, you can count on us at CenTek to run “what-if” scenarios with you or your clients Monday- Friday from 7 AM- 7 PM. We are also available to return calls over the weekend.

Contact us today and we will work with you and your client to fine-tune a game plan. CenTek works together with you and your client as a team throughout the financial process, providing input when requested. We have many strategies where we can help you and your clients strengthen an offer to its fullest potential.

Our team maintains long standing relationships with a vast network of funding sources to gain unparalleled access to the most aggressive real estate financing options and solutions on the market. We utilize our technical knowledge and our decades worth of professional connections to help you and your clients prevail with an offer and close the deal.

Careful preparation and presentation of documentation are some of our CenTek Keys to Closing Deals. In this program, we can issue a detailed up-front loan approval so your clients are prepared to waive loan contingencies with their offer, when appropriate. If needed, we will also work closely with your client to help them raise their credit score. We have a very sophisticated computer modeling program that is very effective.

Another important aspect of this program is regarding the appraisal contingency addressed in your client’s offer. As we all know, appraisal contingencies can sometimes be unrealistically subjective based on the appraiser inspecting the property. Both selling and listing agents should be aware of any comparables the appraiser would have access to. We have noticed that it is very important to be familiar with comparables, especially if they could impact the appraised value of your client’s purchase.

CenTek Millennial Solutions is our newest program that specializes in helping first-time homebuyers succeed. Because of the high demand for homes, multiple bids on a single home are becoming the norm. Despite the fact that some Millennials may not be able to make a down payment by themselves, there are many other creative options for parents, grandparents, or other relatives to help their millennial prevail with their offer. We encourage you to follow us on LinkedIn for CenTek Millennial Solutions weekly blog post updates.

Feel free to pass any of this information along. Stay Tuned for more!

Gloria Shulman, Curtis Cohen, and all of us at CenTek

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