• California’s economy is strong and robust. Job opportunities are increasing across the metro region, giving homeowners more spending power earmarked towards home improvements

• In response to California’s severe housing shortage, there appears to be an increased demand for building services in California

• For home-owners, there is now some flexibility with qualification policies. Some cash-out or loan opportunities that were previously not “do-able” now are!

By: Shoshana R. Cohen | Business Development Manager, CenTek Capital Group

As we transition into 2018, the CA real estate market continues to gain traction and global economic confidence remains relatively high. Within our microcosm of California, there is steady job growth and an expanding economy. However, because of decade of low housing production, California faces a severe housing shortage. Over the next 10 years, it is recommended that California builds 180,000 homes annually to account for population growth and new household formations. Many potential homebuyers encounter an affordability challenge when they are entering the market or transitioning from one home to another.

For 2018, we are expecting access many current homeowners are opting to rebuild or renovate their own homes, instead of entering the rigorous home buying process. Additionally, on the other side of the spectrum, apartment investors are entering the CA rental markets, producing highly-demanded rental properties at all price points. Across the entire real estate market, we are experiencing slightly more flexibility with underwriting guidelines from our lending sources.  Because of the strength of the economy and the regional real estate markets, we can close purchase and refinance transactions that were not closeable six months ago.  While the spectrum is expanding a bit, the key is still being a qualified buyer with a “make sense” transaction.

Long Story Short: This is what our mortgage brokerage can do for contractors and architects!

Are you tired of losing a client due to their financing concerns?

One of our most successful strategies when working with architects and contractors is to primitively collaborate with their client. If necessary, our team will work with your client to maximize your tax returns, credit scores, and other financials to their fullest potential. Once we are familiar with their information, we can give you and your clients approximate amounts regarding proposed financing. Additionally, we can draft a game-plan with the construction schedule, where there could be a few different stages of financing.

What types of financing services does CenTek provide?

  • Standard cash-out refinance for purposes of renovation or property upgrades
  • Cash-out refinance for new construction on primary, secondary, and investment properties
  • New construction loans
  • We can fund LLC’s and Blind Trusts
  • Hybrid purchase and construction loans for developers and investors who are looking to establish a longer-term institutional relationship
  • Commercial, Apartment/Mixed Use financing (including SBA Loans)
  • Land loans (extremely difficult but possible)

**Naturally, this list is succinct, and is by no means a comprehensive accounting of the full spectrum of mortgage products and services we can offer our clients. We simply want to provide a general overview of the excellent breadth and diversity of the financing options and programs available. **

Why You Should Work with Us

With our expertise and our “Out of the Box” thinking, we can quickly pull packages together and frequently approve packages that originally were not doable. We are experts with commercial and apartment financing in addition to new construction and remodel projects of all classes and sizes.

Please feel free to reach out to us any time for a more in-depth discussion and to conceptualize financing options that may be applicable to you and your clients, or just to say hello, of course. We are always available to run specific numbers, discuss “what if” scenarios, and issue immediate pre-approval confirmation letters for purchases when requested. As always, we can tweak and fine-tune the plan as your client’s process evolves.

Of course, we know the clock is ticking… Prompt response time throughout the home-buying/ remodeling process is crucial! We take pride in always picking up the phone M-F 7 AM- 7 PM and responding after hours on email.

Let’s collaborate today!