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Time marches on…Hope everyone is well!!

The “current” major focal point of world economics is the US – China trade dispute.  While most of us view this as the focus of the issue, we should not underestimate how the trade dispute manifests itself and characterizes global trade concepts as a whole.  Creating an “out there” analogy– Global companies function in the same manner as a simple roof leak in a piece of real estate. The water leak will migrate to the path of least resistance and usually pick up momentum. In our overall economic model, companies regardless of size and specialty of the business structure will allocate resources to the most effective, but least expensive supply chain and production possible. How this plays out is subject to a multitude of variables of course.

This tariff dispute and resulting economic uncertainty has led to pressure on bond rates creating very attractive mortgage rates. The current read is that no one knows how long this current opportunity will prevail. Obviously, there can be a directional change with one tweet, so anything goes…

Please contact us to review your current mortgage and provide some thoughts on any new acquisitions that maybe contemplated—residential and commercial of course. Now is the time to act.  We do not know when rates might make the U-turn back up!!! We have lifelong backgrounds in all areas of real estate, in addition to a very broad based spectrum of clients and contacts at all contacts.  

As always, please feel free to connect with us to review your financing situation and just to say hello!! We welcome your contact!

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