As you and your firm know, divorces come with many financial variables.  Our in-house team at CenTek Capital Group has the awareness, understanding, depth, and breadth of life experiences to provide valuable input into these frequently complex and individualized divorce scenarios.


• Structure and fund specialized ‘cash-out’ refinance solutions for divorce buyouts, as well as a suite of financial services for borrowers at various stages of the separation or divorce process
• Vest titles in LLC’s and Blind Trusts, which, as you certainly are aware, most lenders are unwilling to accommodate
• Arrange a buyout of one spouse so that the other might remain in a property, or structured buyouts of jointly held investment property
• Assist clients strategically reposition their non-real estate debt by transferring revolving credit line balances, student loans, and other costly financial obligations into customized mortgage loan solutions that make economic sense at very competitive, often much lower rates.
• Offer an array of customized mortgage products, providing us tremendous flexibility regarding loan-to-value, cash-out concepts, mixed-use properties, etc. 
• Understand and analyze complicated financials, tax issues, and line items, which translates to positive outcomes where other institutions were frequently unable
 • Access to private money when needed, which can be an excellent interim vehicle when going through a divorce


• Gloria Shulman and Curtis Cohen have led our local team of in-house processors and underwriters for over 30 years, successfully closing more than 100,000 loans.

Our team can finance a full range of products in today’s market, including residential, commercial, apartment, and SBA lending at all price points and classes of properties- regardless of the complexity


Experts in interpreting complex tax returns and real estate transactions, in thinking “Out of the Box” with clients and their attorneys, and in running “What-If” for subjective scenarios

Produce packages quickly and frequently approve packages that are commonly not do-able by the big banks


• Given the often complex nature of family law practice, we offer a number of real estate finance vehicles to meet the dynamic needs of your client, saving you and your staff time and money by providing express solutions to often complex financial issues.

• We take pride in picking up the phone and addressing any issues that you or your client request immediate feedback