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June 28th 2019 Market Update

We guess lighting does strike twice!!  Since the beginning of the year, interest rates have made a dramatic U-Turn…The pundits were talking about rates going thru the roof, but the herd mentality was wrong!  The 10 year Treasury note has declined from 3.25% in January all the way down to piercing the 2% level….

How does this translate… it means it’s time to reanalyze one’s current mortgage interest rate and review alternatives that may be available such as, lowering the monthly payment or perhaps shorten the amortization period to pay off the loan in a shorter timeframe. Naturally, we have many products available to customize.   In some instances, cash out refi’s make excellent sense to pay off prime based home equity lines of credit (prime is now 5.5%) and many are adjusting to higher payments based on term. 

The math for residential loans is so appealing that many clients are taking the opportunity to pay off business loans, student loans, potential upgrade costs, consumer debt etc. This repositioning of debt usually makes good economic sense. 

We also are doing a large volume of cash out refi’s to pull cash out of existing properties and using this cash out as part or all of a down payment for an Investment type property or second home. The Apartment and Commercial property markets are extremely aggressive and the overall acquisition concept is the appreciation potential with these Investments. This is an alternative to review instead of letting equity accumulate in a property and not producing any cash flow– this cash out concept is not for everyone of course but our grandparent’s mantra of a free and clear house is undergoing many manifestations in the real world of today– caution still prevails. 

In addition to the conventional suite of loan products, we are now excited to offer a wide range of bank statement programs and asset based lending options.  Albeit, these rates are typically 2-2.5% higher than conventional rates, many of our self- employed clients have utilized this excellent avenue for both primary and investment property loans.  Finally, one of our institutional lenders has rolled out a very aggressive reverse mortgage program that does not have a dollar amount limitation, which previously was a major constraint.  As most of us know, these various products are wonderful alternative solutions for clients who for a multitude of reasons don’t quite fit into conventional Underwriting Guidelines. These programs are as close as it gets to the old fashioned stated income programs that many of us fondly remember. 

The real estate market remains quite strong with pockets of slight softness.  On the whole, demand remains stable for all types and classes of real estate. We are extremely broad based and are experts with Construction and Commercial financing under $10 M, SBA, Small lot subdivision and 1031’s at all levels and cross collateralizing. There is tremendous liquidity literally chasing almost any type of real estate — as they say there is a market for any piece of dirt. 

As always, we are available to discuss your personal or client financing needs.  Have a happy and safe 4th of July holiday!! We welcome your contact — stay tuned!

Best Regards,

Gloria Shulman and Curtis Cohen

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May 14th 2019 Market Update

Time marches on…Hope everyone is well!!

The “current” major focal point of world economics is the US – China trade dispute.  While most of us view this as the focus of the issue, we should not underestimate how the trade dispute manifests itself and characterizes global trade concepts as a whole.  Creating an “out there” analogy– Global companies function in the same manner as a simple roof leak in a piece of real estate. The water leak will migrate to the path of least resistance and usually pick up momentum. In our overall economic model, companies regardless of size and specialty of the business structure will allocate resources to the most effective, but least expensive supply chain and production possible. How this plays out is subject to a multitude of variables of course.

This tariff dispute and resulting economic uncertainty has led to pressure on bond rates creating very attractive mortgage rates. The current read is that no one knows how long this current opportunity will prevail. Obviously, there can be a directional change with one tweet, so anything goes…

Please contact us to review your current mortgage and provide some thoughts on any new acquisitions that maybe contemplated—residential and commercial of course. Now is the time to act.  We do not know when rates might make the U-turn back up!!! We have lifelong backgrounds in all areas of real estate, in addition to a very broad based spectrum of clients and contacts at all contacts.  

As always, please feel free to connect with us to review your financing situation and just to say hello!! We welcome your contact!

Best regards,

Gloria Shulman and Curtis Cohen

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Special Flash Announcement!!


One of the oldest investing axioms is “Don’t fight the Fed!!” The Federal Reserve announced yesterday they do not expect any additional rate increases for 2019. This dovish disposition opens the door for lower interest rates which equates to lower mortgage rates!! It is of our opinion that rates will continue to gradually recede towards lower levels!!

Please contact us to review your current mortgage and see if we can either lower the rate or restructure the mortgage into a longer or shorter term amortization period. It is extremely important that we have all of the paperwork fully prepared so that we can take advantage of quick changes in the market place. We do not know when rates might make the U-turn back up, so we strongly suggest that one considers being proactive now.

Special Commitment

One of our institutional Lenders has an appetite for Single Family Investment property with loan amounts in the $1M – $2.5M range (any place in California). Rates are extremely aggressive as low as high 3s for 5 or 7 year—rates in low to mid 4s for 10 and 30 years.

Product Requirements:

— 740 Credit

— Qualifying Tax Returns

As always, please feel free to connect with us to review your financing situation and just to say hello!!

Best regards,

Gloria Shulman and Curtis Cohen