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2020 Market Update

A lot of action to start 2020!!

An emotional Sunday for all with the passing of Kobe Bryant and everyone involved in this horrible tragedy. Also another emotional overlay– the anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz. A flurry of geopolitical events from the Middle East to Washington, D.C.!!  Whichever side of the aisle you’re on, a lot of moving parts…we are just about to enter the early state primaries with California’s only about 6 weeks away!  Needless to say, this year’s election results will have a profound effect on every one of us.  It will be extremely interesting to see how the political landscape develops into November!!

On another front, which is driving the market to a fair amount of volatility, is the Coronavirus. In addition to the human toll and the belief and sagacity of the Chinese Government report, the impact on the international markets is leading to lower rates!!

The above dynamics are rippling through the financial markets.  The stock market has risen too all time highs, and the bond market has enjoyed the dovish tenor of the Federal Reserve!  Interest rates have been declining, and mortgage rates have reached very attractive low levels!!  The spread between adjustable-rate mortgages and fixed rates has almost evaporated.  We firmly believe in either reducing one’s current fixed rate amortization schedule into a lower one, with payments being in the same general area on a monthly basis.  We can tailor the repayment time period to fit into a comfortable repayment schedule.  In many instances, we can reduce the repayment period by years with little or no increase to your current monthly payment. This is another exceptional opportunity for debt consolidation of all types—including student loan payoffs and upgrades to properties etc. 

The shadow banking world has brought us a whole menu of alternative mortgages utilizing bank statements or asset-based lending for both primary and investment properties.  Albeit, the rates are higher by approx. 1.5 -2%, but these programs represent a method to obtain mortgage financing that has not been available in recent years. This is a wonderful vehicle for a multitude of self-employed people that just didn’t fit within the box with their tax returns. 

The real estate market remains buoyant with some slight pockets of decline, but the overall market remains healthy. The wealth affect is significant in our California world. It seems that people are readily spending money. With that said, we must acknowledge that the homeless issue with the heavy percentage of mental illness must be deal with. 

We think outside the box, have a broad base of resources built over 35 years of high-quality business and are experts with the most complex tax returns. As always, we welcome your contact. 

All the best, 

Curtis, Gloria, Ted & All of us here at Centek Capital 

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2020 Special Update

Rates declining due to fears of Coronavirus spreading
(Hopefully this is a short term issue)

The market is moving very fast!

Please reach out so we can review your mortgage rates

All of us at Centek

Gloria, Curtis, Ted, Coby and Team