Commercial Real Estate Financing Experts

We have over 30 years of expertise in funding different types of loans to produce innovative “out of the box” solutions. Our extensive history with real estate agents and our highly regarded pre-approval process contribute to our success in closing the deal. Additionally, we have decades of connections with funding sources who we can approach that will consider “exceptions” to their usual qualification guidelines.  We also have other sources that specialize in financing smaller niche apartments, which are often difficult to find.  CenTek utilizes their technical experience to comprehend complex tax returns to structure loans with the most aggressive rates and terms available across a remarkable spectrum of wholesale banks and specialized lending institutions to close each deal.

Property Classes:

  • Single family and condominiums (2-4 units) throughout California at all sizes and price points. Oftentimes, we can be the first to close with condos.
  • Commercial- including retail, office industrial, mixed use, and special use
  • Cash out refinance and interest only products
  • Investment properties, such as vacation homes

Loan Types

We can provide a full array of all products availible in the country including: 

  • Acquisition & Development (res and C2)
  • Multi Unit- commercial of all types
  • Construction loans with takeouts
  • Remodels